How do you make text not awkward?

How do you not make a text conversation awkward with someone?

The best way not to make a text conversation awkward with ANYONE is when you have something important to say, text them and ask if it’s okay to use the voice feature on your phone instead of relying on 2-dimensional text messages to communicate something important – especially if there are emotions involved.

Is texting easier in these awkward moments?

Texting seems easier in these awkward moments because it can be helpful and relaxed. It doesn’t mean that when we text we don’t feel awkward or nervous.

What are some good topics to talk about to avoid awkwardness?

Pretty much any subject (excepting the usuals, politics, religion, sex) can be fodder for conversation and avoid awkwardness, good luck! Me and this girl I like are having dead conversations. What topics should we talk about that can keep a conversation going for a while?

Does asking questions make a conversation awkward?

However, if you’re goal is to not make a conversation awkward, or any conversation with any person, for that matter, then your aim should be to make conversations meaningful. That much is clear already. Asking questions is a very good way of making this happen.